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Bareboat charter is a type of charter where you rent a boat – yacht, sailboat, motorboat, catamaran etc. –and skipper it by yourself.


When bareboating you are fully responsible for yourself, your crew and the boat.

Besides the sailing and navigational experience adequate to the boat size, in Croatia, it is also mandatoryfor this type of charter to have the boat operator license and the VHF radio operator certificate, both issued by the authorized body in your country of origin.

The Croatian authorities have issued the list of recognized foreign licenses which can be found on the official pages of the Ministry of the Sea. If your licenses is not on the list please send us the scan of your license and we will check if it would be acceptable.  

You arrange the sailing itinerary completely by yourself at your own pace provided that you return in the base marina on agreed date and time. Would you like them to, your charter company staff will be happy to suggest you the sailing route as per your likings.

 The price of bareboat yacht charter holidays in Croatia will depend mainly on two factors:

  • boat’s size
  • boat’s age

General rule is: the larger and the newer the boat, the higher the rental price. When planning your budget for a week of bareboating in Croatia you should be aware that besides the costs that you pay directly to the charter company – boat rental, transit log, tourist tax – you will have the other expenses on the way, for the fuel, mooring fees and food.

Usual  amounts of those expenses are the following:

  • FUEL:  150€ – 200€/week for a 3-4 hours of motoring per day 
  • FOOD & DRINKS: supposing that you will be eating breakfast and light lunch onboard (buying groceries in the supermarket in Split and on the islands and preparing them on the boat) and have a dinner in one of many good local restaurants on the islands, from our experience you will need ca. 30- 40€ per day per person 
  • MOORING FEES: 20-110€/night depending on the mooring type, place, time of the season and boat size. There are several possibilities: marina, port/harbor, buoy, anchor or restaurant’s mooring.

MARINA – the most expensive option, but at the same time, it offers you the security and comfort in the form of toilet and shower facilities, laundry services, shops, and restaurants.

PORTS –  cheaper than marinas, the price depends on the boat size and the services offered. Some harbors offer you only electricity and water supply (these are cheaper), while in the others you have shower and toilet facilities as well (more expensive).

BUOY – cheaper option than marina or port, but then you don’t have access to electricity nor water supply and you need to use a dinghy to get ashore.

ANCHORING –  is mostly free but in some places such as Vis and Hvar it will be charged.

RESTAURANT’S MOORING – In some places there are mooring facilities offered by restaurants. For example, some of them don’t charge for mooring, but only provided that you eat in that restaurant. On the other hand, those restaurants that charge for mooring don’t expect you to eat there. You don’t have all the mentioned mooring options in each place, mostly just one, therefore, the final mooring cost will depend on the places you go to and the mooring options offered there. In the table below we present you the average cost of each option for each boat. Most marinas are the part of ACI marinas chain. You can find more details about each marina and the pricing on their web pages http://www.aci-marinas.com/. When bareboating you will be fully responsible for yourself, your crew and the boat.

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