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Croatia has opened borders for tourists


Thanks to the timely, quick, and decisive reaction to the Coronavirus threat undertaken by Croatian authorities the spread of the virus in Croatia has been kept under control and the number of infections and deaths has been well under the European average. You can check the latest information about the Coronavirus situation in Croatia on the official web page. As a result, with the beginning of May, Croatia has started with easing of lockdown measures in several stages. Schools and kindergartens, hairdressers, beauty salons, shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and marinas have reopened in the first two stages while in the last stage, on the 18th of May, >state borders have reopened for EU/EEA(UK included) visitors who own a real estate or a boat in Croatia, or who travel for business reasons. More information on border crossing you can find on the web page of the Croatia Ministry of the Interior.

Yacht Charter booking is an eligible pass to cross the border

Yacht charter booking is considered traveling for business reasons. Presenting the verified Crew list, Booking confirmation, and your ID or passport on the border cross you will be allowed to cross the Croatian border.

No requirement for 14 days of self-isolation upon crossing the border

14-days self-isolation is no more mandatory upon crossing the Croatian border but in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, all nationals entering the Republic of Croatia are to follow the recommendations and instructions issued by the Croatian Institute of Public Health published here.

All service providers in tourism are to adjust the provision of their services

Croatian Institute of Public Health issued specific recommendations for all service providers in tourism. Charter companies, nautical ports, marinas, transfer agencies, cares, restaurants…etc.are obliged to adjust their work and provision of services according to the specific recommendations for each service type. Mostly, the official recommendations include instructions that we have been hearing for the past few months:

  • keeping the physical distance of 1,5m
  • providing disinfectant dispensers in business premises
  • set up information on hygiene procedures and with guidelines on the proper conduct and the protective measures to be observed or valid in the area
  • define the max number of persons allowed to be in a certain area respecting the defined physical distance rule
  • wearing face masks in indoor places
  • adherence to the highest hygienic norms
  • regular hygiene of all areas
  • ventilation
  • apply impeccable cleaning and hygienic standards for accommodation objects, bed linen, towels, and kitchen utensils
Yacht Charter Croatia the best post corona holiday option

Yacht Charter is the safest holiday option

After months spent in lockdown, relaxing holidays are what we all need now. Boating holidays are the safest kind of holidays at the moment since on the boat you can isolate yourself from everyone apart from your own crew. Not to mention that there will be no crowds on islands, in towns, in bays, and on beaches.

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