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Kids having fun while steering a boat
  • By Ivana


When chartering a sailboat in Croatia, the members of your crew can be your acquaintances, your distant relatives, your friends, or the closest family members including your kids.

As much as you would be thrilled to take your kids on a family sailing trip around the mesmerizing eastern Adriatic coast, you are worried about them adapting to the new “floating home”. Your first thoughts may be: my kids will get bored, they could suffer from seasickness, or it might not be safe enough for them.

We are not excluding that it could be a bit tricky, but family sailing holidays in Croatia are a wonderful idea for spending your days off.

Here are some reasons why sailing with kids is something you should definitely go for:

 Kids having fun while steering a boatOn their sailing holidays in Croatia children can learn about sailing and have fun steering a boat

Something new

Kids love sailboats for a lot of reasons, and one of them is because they represent a new, unusual environment to them. When on a sailing vacation, kids are trying to take in the magic of spending days on a boat in the middle of the blue clear sea. They are curious, and their attention is occupied while “investigating” the boat and the surrounding.

They are going to take a lot of pictures, try to draw, for example, the view over the sea or simply a sea star, or write about the adventurous days they are spending. So, maybe you are excited about finally getting some rest and having fun, but believe me, you will for sure not be as excited as your kids. And with all the enthusiasm they are showing, you will start to see your sailing holidays in Croatia as a bit more magical.

Happy kids inside a boatLook how adorable! – our three children loving their days on a sailboat

Different activities to keep the kids busy

You may be worrying that your kids will be bored on sailing holidays and that they might want to go home; or that, as the end result, you will not be able to benefit from your holidays.

Rest assured that, when on a sailboat, your kids will definitely have fun. Sailing equals having a good time. Thanks to the various activities that can keep you and the kids busy during your sailing holidays, it never gets boring. For example, you and the kids can go fishing, swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, sightseeing, scuba diving, or exploring a bay on a dinghy. I am sure they will not know what to do first, and you will be there to help them with their first tries.

That is already enough to keep them occupied, let alone if you bring their toys on the boat and let them use the phone connected to the boat’s Wi-Fi. Sharing those moments with friends is also exciting for kids.

The weariness and the sway of the boat will put your kids to bed sooner than any lullaby, leaving you the whole evening to enjoy privacy with your partner or the rest of your family and friends.

Boy enjoying diving on sailing holidays in CroatiaWatching your kids enjoy different activities – moments to cherish

Love relaxing

As much as they enjoy playing, kids also love to relax. Sunbathing while the boat is softly swaying on the restless sea surface is quite enjoyable for all generations. No matter a toddler or a teenager, your kid will feel cozy and serene on a sailboat.

When you decide to anchor and disembark on a beach, your little ones will enjoy digging their toes in the sand or running barefoot. Relax sunbathing on the beach or enjoy their way by building sandcastles or collecting seashells together.

 Kids having a snack on a sailboatYou also want to make sure to have enough of your child’s favorite snacks

Safe and sound

While on a sailboat, it is not that challenging to keep an eye on your kids and make sure they are safe and sound. The boat’s equipment, such as life jackets (no matter if your kids can swim, it is advisable that they wear life jackets as a precaution, especially if it gets windy or rough) and safety harnesses, also make sure that any possible danger is successfully avoided.

To protect your kids from the sun, just remember to bring sunscreen and/or have your kids wear a T-shirt and a hat. It would not hurt to bring some medicines and band-aids with you just in case, and remember, both you and your kids should drink enough water especially on hot summer days.

Keeping these pieces of advice in mind, you and your kids will have an unforgettable sailing holiday. The sea itself, the Mediterranean climate, and the moderate sun exposure are also beneficial for both your and your kid’s health.

Safety on a sailboat kids wearing life jackets

It is advisable that your kids wear life jackets while on a sailboat; thanks to our well-equipped fleet there is at least one for every crew member

Sun protection on a sailboat kid wearing a hatWearing a hat and a T-shirt is one way to protect your kid from the sun

Expanding horizons

Taking your kids on sailing holidays does the best job when it comes to expanding their horizons. On a sailing vacation, they are exposed to new areas, experiences, and ideas. Kids learn that it is safe and nice in other places rather than just at home. You provide them with the opportunity to visit different cities or villages, get in touch with new cultures, and taste different local dishes. Through interacting with new places and collecting experiences, kids learn about the world, explore new possibilities, and find new opportunities.

New horizons that a sailboat offers

Say yes to planning family sailing holidays with your kids. They will love it; you will bond as a family and your vacation can only be more joyful and fulfilling.

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