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ACI Marina Palmižana, Paklinksi islands Hvar


It is a great pleasure to announce the recent decision of ACI marinas chain to make a special promotional offer for the start of the sailing season in Croatia:

"A daily berth free of charge in all ACI marinas until June 30, 2021"

ACI Marina Palmižana, Paklinksi islands Hvar

The conditions to use this promotion are:

  • Annual Berthing Contract for the respective vessel in one of the ACI marinas
  • Daily berth free of charge cannot be used by the user of the vessel at the same marina for two consecutive days (This is to encourage the boaters to sail the seas and change their sailing destinations more frequently.)
  • This benefit cannot be combined with other deals and ACI Card benefits.
More information about this promotion you can find on the ACI marinas pages. Fair Wind has Annual Berth Contract in ACI marina Split for all monohull sailboats in the fleet:


We highly appreciate this offer by our longtime partner, ACI marinas, in challenging and unpredictable times we have been living in. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to roll we continue to live day by day not knowing what may lie ahead. Determined in our decision to stay positive and adapt to reality and its respective circumstances, we continue with the preparation of our fleet for the season which is just about to start. If you were reluctant on coming to sail in Croatia, we hope that this will be your decision breaker.

For any help with organizing your sailing holidays in Croatia and additional information and explanations, please

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