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Beautiful beach Maslinica
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When sailing from Split, Croatia, you can choose between numerous possible routes. However, one of the typical first destinations is Maslinica.

It is a charming small village and the only settlement and port on the western side of the island of Šolta. The coast around Maslinica is adorned with little bays and mesmerizing pebble beaches.

Beautiful beach MaslinicaOne of many beautiful pebble beaches in Maslinica

Maslinica is famous for its breathtaking sunset and an archipelago of seven small islands right in front of it (Polebrnjak, Saskinja, Stipanska, Kamik, Balkun, Rudula, and Grmej).

IMG 6653The view over one of the seven small islands that make the archipelago in front of Maslinica

Witnessing the sun drowning in the sea behind the archipelago of seven small islands, over a glass of local wine, would surely be the highlight of the visit to this place during your sailing holidays in Croatia.


The settlement developed at the beginning of the 18th century around the castle built by a noble family. It was the family Marchi who requested from the Venetian governor permission to form a settlement and build a castle with towers to defend itself and the village from pirates’ attacks.

The Church of St. Nicholas was also built thanks to the family Marchi, and it is located on the highest hill on the southern side of the bay.

Farmworkers from Dalmatian Zagora and Herzegovina worked on the family’s estate. They were occupied with fishing and seafaring as well.

From a small fisherman’s settlement with the old castle, the place grew to become the important tourist resort and nautical center of Šolta island. The old castle was restored, and it is today a heritage hotel that offers luxury suites and fine dining in its exquisite restaurant.

There are also several other restaurants, most of which are located on the waterfront, that offer local food and modern delicacies as well. One of them is the restaurant Šampjer – the position offers a great view over the archipelago.

View from restaurant Šampjer MaslinicaThe view from the perfect position of the restaurant Šampjer, Maslinica

In the village center, you will find a few mini markets where you can replenish your food and drink supplies or buy some of the necessities you might need.


When the place started to grow, a marina was also constructed, right next to the hotel and the restaurant. After expansion and renovation, marina Martinis Marchi was opened for the season of 2012.

It is a modern marina that offers a mooring capacity of 50 berths with places even for mega yachts that can be found at the waterfront. Marina has both electricity and water supply, toilets/showers facility, Wi-Fi, café, exquisite restaurant, and even a wellness center in its hotel in the castle.

Apart from it being a luxurious marina, it is also a natural port and a safe harbor for your boats when sailing in Croatia. Moreover, it is a place with friendly staff and a high level of service.

Hrvatska Šolta Maslinica SailboatsSailboats in Maslinica, the island of Šolta, Croatia

You can spend the night safely moored in this beautiful marina MARTINIS – MARCHI placed in the village, or you can anchor in the neighboring bay Šešula – a safe mooring place thanks to its indented coastline and favorable geographical position.

Hrvatska Šolta Maslinica Uvala ŠešulaThe view over the sailboats in the Šešula bay

In the bay, two restaurants offer their mooring buoys (limited number) for free, provided that you eat there: ŠIŠMIŠ and Šešula. From Šešula bay, it is only 10 minutes on foot to Maslinica.


  • Visit pebble or sandy beaches – you can find a beautiful sandy beach in the nearby Šipkova bay
  • Jet-ski ride – if you have an adventurous spirit, then a jet-ski ride is definitely for you
  • Kayaking – go kayaking to one of the nearby islets – also for the adventurous ones
  • Biking/hiking – if you want to do something on land, you can go biking or hiking following the trail from Maslinica to Donje Selo and Srednje Selo
  • Visit St. Nicholas churchthe view from the Parish Church of St. Nicholas is quite breathtaking
  • Olive oil tastingsWEBSITE
  • Tours of Šolta islandWEBSITE



For dining out, there is plenty of choice, as in Maslinica as on the island of Šolta. You can choose from fancy restaurants to taverns, konobas, or household farmings.

We always recommend consulting TRIPADVISOR to find the best restaurants where to dine when on sailing holidays in Croatia.

Here are some places where to eat when visiting Maslinica:

MARTINIS MARCHI – The restaurant in the marina offers traditional Dalmatian specialties and top-quality wines.

ŠAMPJER – located directly on the waterfront; the position offers a great view over the archipelago.

ŠIŠMIŠ – Restaurant in Šešula bay, built in the hill: beautiful view – offers free buoys for mooring for its guests (we recommend making a reservation if you want to “catch a buoy”) – WEBSITE, TEL: +38598560436

KONOBA ŠEŠULA – a popular restaurant with a variety of meals – offers places for mooring to its guests – WEBSITE, TEL: +385915575927


Over the past years, Maslinica has received a few awards. This for sure tells us something about this beautiful place on the Dalmatian coastline.

In 2012, the place was given a national award for the best tourist destination in the Adriatic with less than a thousand inhabitants.

In 2017, Maslinica was awarded with the title of the best Authentic Coastal Destination thanks to its beautiful untouched nature and its tourist accomplishments.

In 2018, its marina, the Martinis Marchi, received the award for the best small marina in Croatia that year.

MaslinicaThe charming small place – Maslinica


Maslinica is one of the most wonderful spots in the Adriatic. It is a place enriched with Mediterranean plants such as olive and pine trees – olive trees preserve the traditional island craft – olive growing. It is perfect as for the lovers of intact nature, pristine beaches, and clear sea, as for the adventurers that enjoy more activity (cyclists, divers, rowers, fishermen…). On your visit explore the natural landscape and learn about local culture and traditions.

Crystal clear Sea Near Maslinica on Šolta in CroatiaCrystal clear sea near Maslinica on Šolta, Croatia

Beautiful nature, secluded bays, rocky beaches, historical and architectural values such as the old castle and picturesque stone houses make visiting Maslinica an impressive and memorable experience on your sailing holidays in Croatia.

Hrvatska Šolta Maslinica Settlement Stone HousesMaslinica – small settlement with stone houses

Apart from the beauties that Maslinica itself offers, it is also an ideal starting point for discovering other beauties of the Adriatic coast, for example, the islands of Brač, Hvar, and Vis.

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