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Milna Brač Croatia
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If you choose to spend your holidays sailing in Croatia and to set sail in Split, it is more than likely that, on your sailing trip, you will stop in Milna.

Milna Brač CroatiaMilna – Brač, Croatia


You can come from Split to Milna with just over an hour of sailing. Milna is the biggest settled area on the western coast of Croatia’s tallest island – Brač (highest peak – Vidova Gora). Although the most popular port on Brač, Milna is still a picturesque and rather peaceful village (little over 800 residents). It is not just the most beautiful port on the island, but it is also the best natural port recognized and appreciated for a long time.

Milna is actually located in a deep bay that faces Split Channel and a small island named Mrduja (choose sailing in Croatia for spending your holidays and be one of the few to see Mrduja up close).

It gets even better knowing that Milna is surrounded by other mesmerizing coves also worth visiting while sailing the area:

  • Osibova – in the south-west with many beautiful quiet beaches
  • Lučice – perfectly clear waters for diving (visit the submerged cave close to Lučice) and a good shelter from wind
  • Bobovišća – a small, calm village that offers peace and delicious local dishes.



Nowadays, thanks to the fact that it is the biggest natural harbor on the island with even three marinas (the small Marina Vlaška, the Yacht Club Milna, and the marina at the top of the bay – ACI Marina), Milna is a very popular nautical destination and the most usual first-night destination for charters starting from Split.

The marinas offer many moorings and many service zones that are very well equipped and, in that way, provide a safe stay for the sailors from any part of the world. The bay is also safe when it comes to winds; It provides great shelter for all boats and it is one of the safest well-known bays for charter boats.

The port was an important point for mooring even since ancient times, that is centuries before the first settlements were founded on the coast.

Milna pogled na marinu s jugaMilna – the view over the marina from the south

INTERESTING FACTS – What is it famous for?

Milna is famous, among other things (for being the naval base of the Russian fleet during the Napoleonic Wars), for the fact that it was its marvelous bay where emperor Diocletian found a secure harbor while building his nowadays well-known and fascinating palace in Split (Diocletian Palace).

The Milna bay was the choice of an emperor, so it is worthy of being your safe port for at least a day. Anchor/moor in the Milna port and enjoy visiting this beautiful place.

Milna the view over the sailboats ant the settlementMilna – the view over moored sailboats and the settlement


Your visit to this place will be one of the best decisions on your sailing holidays in Croatia. The place is a harmonious little settlement, typically Mediterranean.

Milna typical Mediterranean little settlementMilna – typically Mediterranean, picturesque, and peaceful little settlement

The urban center was founded relatively late – at the beginning of the 17th century. This was also when the municipality of Milna was founded around a fort built for the defense of its lands. The town was further developing around the Chapel of St Mary, which today is a sacristy of the parish church. More than half a century later, a new parish church was built in the Baroque style (Parish Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation).

Our Lady of the Annunciation Church in MilnaParish Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation – baroque style

In the 18th and 19th century the place really developed, and many things were erected and built: the municipal office, school, port office, church with a bell tower, stairways, etc.

At the time, navigation became the lifestyle of the citizens – Milna is known for the families of shipowners and captains who have traveled across the oceans, for its shipbuilding and the renowned Dalmatian boat “bracera” that was first made there. Even today, besides tourism, inhabitants of Milna are occupied with olive cultivation and fishing.


Magnificent architecture, long beautiful promenade with houses built of Brač stone – small masterpieces of traditional construction, nice coves with pebble beaches as in Milna as in the close vicinity, crystal-clear sea, a number of restaurants offering local delicacies are just a few reasons to visit Milna.

Buildings of Brač Stone Milna Brač IslandHouses built of Brač Stone – adornments of Milna

This charming and calm place adorned with stone houses is first of all a tourist resort with more than a few hotels, post office, ambulance, only 20 minutes walking distance from the center of Milna. The biggest town and the official center of the island, Supetar, is only 18km away.

Supetar Brač HrvatskaSupetar – the biggest town and the official center of the island of Brač

We always recommend visiting this place, since it is perfect for the crew (worth paying a visit) and the ship as well (safe harbor).


If you happen to stay longer in Milna, here is what you can do:

  • Visit the Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation – a baroque-style church built in 1783, seven marble altars and valuable altarpieces, valuable paintings by Venetian masters stored in its interior.
  • Remains of the Gothic chapel in Osibova bay – special example of cultural heritage
  • A trip to Blaca Hermitage – located on the southern side of the Brač island, the hermitage was established by two monks and served as their “window to the world”. A part of the monastery is today a museum where you can get to know some very interesting historical facts explained by local guides. Make sure you visit this historical heritage

 Blaca hermitage on the island of BračBlaca hermitage on the island of Brač – historical heritage

hiking to the Blaca hermitage on the island of BračIf you are adventurous and a nature lover, make sure to go hiking to the Blaca hermitage

  • Climb Brač’s highest peakVidova Gora – Brač is Croatia’s tallest island

hiking up to Vidova Gora the highest peak on the island of BračHiking up to Vidova Gora – the highest peak on the island of Brač

hiking up to Vidova Gora on the way to the peakOn the way to the peak of Croatia’s tallest island – make sure to bring enough water and to protect yourselves from the sun

  • Rent a car – if you happen to stay a bit longer, renting a vehicle is a great way to discover other places on the island
  • Organized tours around the island of Brač



Three marinas in Milna town:

Buoy fields:


We recommend consulting Tripadvisor to find the best recommendations for restaurants in Milna.

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