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Choosing Your Starting Point

When embarking on a memorable sailing adventure in Croatia, your choice of a starting point can set the tone for your entire vacation. With numerous marinas and sailing routes to choose from, selecting the perfect beginning may seem daunting, especially if it’s your first time exploring Croatia’s breathtaking coastal wonders.

Discover the Charm of Split

For an unforgettable sailing holiday in Croatia, look no further than the city of Split. Nestled on a small peninsula between mountains and the sparkling Adriatic Sea, Split is Croatia’s second-largest city and a prime starting point for your maritime journey.

A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Split offers a captivating blend of Mediterranean charm and modern amenities. From the iconic Diocletian Palace to the Cathedral of Saint Dominus, the Statue of Gregory of Nin, and numerous museums and galleries, this city beckons with its rich history and vibrant present. Don’t miss the opportunity to climb Marjan Hill or stroll along the picturesque Promenade while savouring a cup of coffee in the sun.

Convenient Accessibility

Whether you’re arriving by plane, car, ferry, train, or bus, Split is easily accessible. Its central location on the Eastern Adriatic coast makes it the ideal launching point for your Croatian sailing escapade.

split panorama ivan coricPanorama of the city of Split; AUTHOR: IVAN ČORIĆ, SOURCE: HTZ, CROATIAN TOURIST BOARD WWW.CROATIA.HR

Choosing Your Sailing Itinerary

Sailing from Split offers a wealth of possibilities, whether you head south or north. Fortunately, the criteria for selecting the perfect route are refreshingly simple.


  • How many hours per day you wish to spend sailing
  • Your preference for peace and untouched nature or bustling, inhabited islands
  • Your desire for ancient historical sites or modern urban centres

No matter your preferences, you’ll find a variety of engaging routes to explore from Split. Keep in mind that your chosen itinerary can always be adjusted to suit your preferences and current weather conditions.

Tailoring Your Sailing Adventure

Whether you opt for a bareboat, skippered or crewed charter, your wishes will guide the journey. Customizing your route is always an option, allowing you to create a unique adventure with your crew and captain.

Endless Opportunities to Explore

Regardless of your chosen itinerary, you’ll discover ample opportunities to stop in picturesque bays along the way. Whether you’re eager to swim, snorkel, or simply soak up the sun, you’ll have the flexibility to decide as you go.

Suggested Sailing Routes

For most yacht charter holidays, durations of 7 or 14 days are common. Here are a few suggested routes to consider:

Itineraries South from Split

Route 1 – 7 Days

Ideal for first-time sailors, families with children, or those who prefer shorter daily journeys, this route provides ample time for swimming and relaxation in scenic bays.

Route 2 – 7 Days

Perfect for those seeking a more ambitious route with longer daily sails, this itinerary allows you to visit a variety of islands within a week.

Route 3 – 14 Days

Embark on a two-week adventure from Split to Dubrovnik and back, exploring the main islands along the way.

Itineraries North from Split

Route 4 – 14 Days

Explore the northern wonders, including the Kornati archipelago, Krka waterfalls, and Telašćica bay, all in the span of two weeks.

Route 5 – 7 Days

For those seeking tranquillity and unspoiled nature, this 7-day route takes you to the Kornati National Park and beyond.

Embark on Your Croatian Sailing Adventure

While these routes offer a taste of what awaits, the possibilities are endless. Your Croatian sailing journey promises relaxation, exploration, and unforgettable memories. Discover more details about each route by clicking on the links above, and start planning your dream vacation today.


For any help with deciding on an itinerary, or if you would like one tailored precisely for you, simply

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